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Tune in to Discover Boating's five-episode video series, "Boating Basics: Pro Tips," powered by Progressive® for tips and tricks to improve your boating skills and prepare for stress-free, fun-filled days on the water.

Gain confidence at the helm by watching these step-by-step beginner's guides, providing advice on everything from what items and safety equipment to bring onboard, to expert instruction on how to launch, how to dock, how to drive, and finally, guidance on understanding the basic rules of the water.

Boat Checklist: 8 Things to Bring Onboard a Boat

Follow this pre-departure boating checklist to prepare for a great day on the water, and find out what equipment is required by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Launching a Boat: 9 Steps for Success

Learning how to launch a boat for the first time, either by yourself or with help, can be simple and stress-free by following our checklist.

Docking a Boat: 6 Steps for Beginners

Follow our guide on how to dock a boat to gain confidence at the helm, whether you are docking in a slip, coming alongside a dock, or docking against the wind or current.

Driving a Boat: 6 Tips for Operating with Confidence

Learning how to drive a boat for the first time can be fun and rewarding. Get started with our beginner’s guide on how to operate confidently at the helm.

5 Essential Rules of the Water

Take the first step towards learning the boating rules of the road and simple boating etiquette with this beginner’s guide, which also includes tips on avoiding collisions.

Latest Wave of Boating News & Resources

Inspirational stories, how-to articles, and expert tips for new & experienced boaters

Every boater needs dock lines, and choosing the best ones for your boat is vital.

5 Critical Reasons why everyone should take a boating safety course before renting a boat

Safe boating starts before you leave the dock. Be sure your boat is equipped with the gear you need to ensure the safety of everyone on board.