Dinghy Buying Guide

5 things to consider when choosing the “perfect” tender.

Pontoon Boats Versus Deck Boats: Which is Right for You?

Making the choice between a pontoon boat and a deck boat can be a tough call, so consider all these factors before you sign on the dotted line.

Center Console vs. Dual Console

A family considering options for an off-shore capable boat often compare center console and dual console models.  Which style is best for you? Let’s consider the advantages of these two popular boat types.

Buying a Pre-Owned Boat: The 10-Minute Walk-Through

Before purchasing from a private party, read our tips to ensure you are not purchasing a boat that's going to come with problems or is unsafe.

11 Most Affordable Fishing Boats

So let’s look closely at these 11 most affordable fishing boat models, including All-Purpose Fishing Boats, Aluminum Fishing Boats, Bay/Flats Boats, Center Consoles, Pontoons, and Walkarounds.

Working with a Boat Dealer

Working with a boat dealer can help make the buying process easy and simple. Buying at a dealership has a number of advantages, including on-going customer support and service, assistance with boat financing, and a smooth transition into boat ownership. 

Where to Buy a Boat: Dealerships, Boat Shows & More

Wondering where you can buy a new or used boat? Or, maybe you're interested in learning more about the best time of year or the best season to buy? From when, where and how, this guide can help you track down all the tools and information you need to make the boat buying process a breeze.

Tips on Buying from a Certified Dealer

Marine Industry Certified Dealers have earned a reputation for taking good care of their customers. In fact, to become certified a dealership must meet independently verified high standards in everything from customer service to facilities.