How to Sell Your Boat

Learning how to sell your boat can be easy with our comprehensive guide on pricing, prepping and paperwork. Each of these steps are essential to the successful sale of your boat, including getting advice on dealing with brokers.

Boat Taxes and Deductions for Boaters

Boat taxes and deductions are a hot topic among current and prospective boat owners. Our boat tax guide can help navigate you through topics such as boats as a second home or business, charter boats, boat donations, and property taxes.

Marine Surveys and Surveyors

Even if you think you know everything about boats, you still need a marine survey. A marine surveyor assesses both the structural condition and value of a used boat, and it's the nautical equivalent of a termite inspection, plumbing/electrical report, and property appraisal.

Before you Buy a Boat

Tips and helpful steps to take before you buy a boat of your dreams.

Sell Your Boat for More

With a little preparation and some elbow grease, you can improve your odds of selling quickly and at the best possible price.

Used Boat Savvy

Getting a great deal on a boat doesn't have to be complicated.

Boat Buying Tips

Buying a boat can be confusing and stressful. Follow these easy tips to make it a smooth purchase.

Buying Your Next New Boat: Tips for Upgrading

As we learn more about the boating lifestlyle, we want to try new things, go further, bring more people, etc. Here are a few tips on buying your next new boat.

More Boating, Less Monthly Payments

Buying boats isn't as painful as you might think! In fact, monthly payments for many entry-level boats can be less than $200.

The Internet and the Boat Buying Process

Although purchasing a boat, new or used, will never be a matter to take lightly or to rush through, the popularity of the Internet has made researching the buying process easier than ever, putting information about pricing, the best brokers, dealers and industry professionals at one's fingertips. The Internet gives prospective boat buyers instant access to boatloads of information, including detailed specifications, location, and photos of both the interior and exterior of the boat. Many websites even provide virtual tours. Consumers searching for the best deal on the market, can access the listings of multiple dealers and brokers to research the most competitive pricing. The Internet also provides links to organizations and resources designed to inform and protect the consumer, such as the Yacht Brokers Association of America and NADA Value Guides.